Mesa Research Symposium 2017

Event Date

Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies are rapidly growing fields of research reflected in many disciplines –political science, psychology, comparative literature, anthropology, music, feminist and gender studies, sociology, art, and history. The ME/SA Research Symposium is an initiative of the Middle East/South Asia Studies program, and its’ Founding Director, Professor Suad Joseph (Anthropology, Women and Gender Studies) to create a space for students to engage with innovative research topics and build connections in their field of study.

What is the ME/SA Research Symposium?

The ME/SA Research Symposium is an annual 1-day event showcasing student work that focuses on the Middle East, South Asia, North Africa and their diasporic communities. It is open to the undergraduate and graduate students of UC Davis and the local academic community.

Why should I participate?

Similarly to the Undergraduate Research Conference, the ME/SA Symposium is an opportunity for students to share their work with peers, community members and faculty. In today’s increasingly competitive professional environment the ME/SA Symposium is a unique and engaging platform for you to highlight your research and professional skills.

Types of submissions

Papers and projects for courses are welcome!


- research papers

- poster presentations

- creative art display

- spoken word pieces

- film/documentary projects


- The Middle East and North Africa in U.S. Media Representations

- Kollywood, Bollywood, and Hollywood: Moving Toward Civilization in Modern Nepal

- Deconstructing the Malala Paradigm: An Anti-Imperial Insight into the Circulation of the Nobel Prize Winner’s Narrative

- The Significance of Dabke: Past & Present

How to apply

It’s simple! Submit a 1 page abstract of your presentation/creative work (300 words) with the form at the following link by Monday May 8th, 2017.

Based on your submission and preference, you will either be assigned a presentation time (15 minutes) or will need to be present during the poster session (1 hour) during the Symposium on June 1st.


Contact the Community and Outreach Coordinator for ME/SA Studies, Geet Vij at or come by the ME/SA Offices in Kerr Hall.

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