Suad Joseph Undergraduate Research Awards 2017-2018





Suad Joseph Undergraduate Student Research Awards is now open for applications. The award is made possible as a result of a donation by Suad Joseph, Distinguished Research Professor of Anthropology and Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies, from the proceedings of the UC Davis Teaching and Research Prize awarded in May 2014.

Three to five awards of $500 each will be awarded for undergraduate students working on Middle East or South Asia topics either through a course on the Middle East or South Asia or through a 92, 192, 98, 198, 99 or 199 or 194H on a ME/SA related topic.


The student’s research proposal must focus on research concerning the Middle East and/or South Asia or their diaspora. 

The application: The application should be in the form of a research proposal, typed single spaced, a maximum of 3-400 words, 12-point font, Times New Roman, 1” margins. The title of the proposal should be on the cover page. The applicant’s name, department, date, and year in the program in the upper right hand side of the cover page. The pages need to be numbered at the bottom center.  A copy of the applicants informal transcript should be attached to the application. Funds are only for research expenses, not for stipend or living expenses. The proposal should very briefly answer these questions to the best of your abilities:


1.      What is your research question?

2.      What is your answer to the question?

3.      How have others answered the question?

4.      What is missing in the way others have answered the question?

5.      Why is your answer a more plausible answer to the question?

6.      Why should we answer this question?



4Letter of recommendation:  One letter from a professor who will be mentoring the student on the research. The student are to sign up for a 92 or 192, 98 or 198, 99 or 199, 194H  or a course on the Middle East or South Asia with the understanding that the faculty member commits to mentoring the student to carry out the research.  Funds may be spent on research related costs, with the approval of the faculty mentor.


Results: The awardees will be expected to present their research results in the Spring of 2018 in the ME/SA Student Symposium and the UCD Undergraduate Research Conference.


 Applications must be submitted before 5pm on Wednesday, November 15, 2017. Results will be announced by December, 2017

  Submit the applications to: