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Afghan Student Association

The Afghan Student Association (ASA) intends to promote awareness, tolerance, and peace in issues relating to Afghanistan in UC Davis and the surrounding communities. ASA recognizes that the gateway to achieving the ultimate goal of peace resides in knowledge and understanding. It is for this reason that the ASA's mission includes promoting an understanding of Afghan religion, culture, and politics.

 UC Davis Afghan Student Association Facebook Page

  Afghan Student Association E-mail

Arab Student Union
The Arab Student Union is an organization dedicated to uniting Arab students of all backgrounds across campus. The ASU is open to any students interested in learning more about all aspects of Arab culture, including food, music, and customs.

 Arab Student Union at UC Davis Facebook Page

  Arab Student Union E-mail


Armenian Student Association

Contact: Stephen Panosian (

The UC Davis Armenian Student Association cultivates appreciation toward Armenian history, heritage, and culture through active cultural functions, historical and political awareness, as well as, social and recreational events. It strives to create an association where Armenians and non-Armenians alike can come together, without any outside political affiliations and/or influence.

 UC Davis Armenian Student Association Facebook Page


Aggies for Israel

Aggies for Israel (AFI) is a pro-Israel student group at UC Davis. AFI strives to educate, provide an accurate portrayal of Israel, and promote Israel awareness on campus.


Bhagat Puran Singh Health Initiative (BPSHI)

Bhagat Puran Singh Health Initiative was started by a few UC Davis students in an effort to provide basic healthcare screening and general health/nutrition advice to under-served and neglected communities. We also provide community service to the needy by providing food and clothes for the homeless and hungry.

 Bhagat Puran Singh Health Initiative Facebook Page

Davis Indonesian Student Association (DISA)

Contact Eric Pratama Usodo:

Davis Indonesian Student Association is an organization at University of California, Davis that is established to assist Indonesian students who are currently studying in the University of California, Davis academically and socially. We also provide information’s about the upcoming events that are being organized by Indonesian communities around Bay area.

Delta Phi Beta

Delta Phi Beta is the nation's first South Asian co-ed fraternity. It's inception was a reaction against the growing schism forming within the South Asian community. Founded at UC Davis in 2003, Delta Phi Beta has been working to form connections within the South Asian community uniting all individuals, regardless of cultural or religious beliefs. Delta Phi Beta is upheld by its four pillars of philanthropy: cultural awareness, social enhancement, academic excellence, and community involvement.


Delta Phi Omega Sorority

Delta Phi Omega, is the largest and fastest-growing nationally based South Asian interest sorority in the United States. The Purpose of Delta Phi Omega shall be to foster unity among South Asian women, build community awareness, and gain a greater understanding of oneself and others. The sorority aspires to instill leadership traits, excel in all academic endeavors, to encourage an active relationship between the sorority and its respective university, and shall do so with the utmost compassion, dignity, and fortitude.


 Delta Phi Omega Facebook Page

Indian Student Association

Indian Student Association of UC Davis is a undergraduate student run organization that allows for Indian as well as other students interested in Indian cultures and traditions to unite under one common association. Our main goals include fundraising, holding events for cultural awareness, working in conjunction with other South Asian organizations, and having fun!


 UC Davis Indian Student Association Facebook Page

Iranian Student Cultural and Aesthetic Organization (ISCAO)
The Iranian Student Cultural & Aesthetic Organization (ISCAO) steadily works toward creating a united Persian community, on and off the UC Davis campus. The primary goal of ISCAO is to educate everyone, including ourselves, about the Persian culture, its practices, and its illustrious history.

 Iranian Student Cultural and Aesthetic Organization (ISCAO)  Facebook Page



Jhankaar is a South-Asian A Cappella team that aims to promote rhythmic unity between Bollywood, Middle-Eastern, Pakistani and Western music. We aspire to blend the influences of these powerful styles and convey that this kind of fusion could unite people from different background through a common thread - the passion for music.

 UC Davis Jhankaar Facebook Page


Lashkara at UC Davis


Lashkara at UC Davis is a Hindi film dance team that consists of UC Davis students that share a passion for dance. The unique dance styles include bollywood, folk, fusion, hip hop, bhangra, and many other forms of dance. Lashkara will compete in very well-known competitions, such as Bollywood Berkeley and Jhoomti Shaam. Lashkara also does small performances on campus and in the Sacramento area.

 UC Davis Lashkara Facebook Page

Muslim Student Association

"The Muslim Student Association at the University of California Davis is a student group united for the sake of God. The mission of the MSA is to create an avenue for Muslim students to meet, exchange ideas, debunk misconceptions, and work to understand and disseminate the true message of Islam as in accordance with the Quran and the life of the Prophet Muhammad. The club is open to members of all religions." - MSA Board of Directors

 UC Davis Muslim Student Association Facebook Page

Pakistani Student Association!/groups/143855478985881/

The mission of the PSA is to provide an outlet through which students can come together to help raise awareness about Pakistan and promote its rich cultural heritage. Aside from cultural events, our purpose is to be a humanitarian organization and do as much as we can to support the Pakistan flood victims in order to make a difference.

 UC Davis Pakistani Student Association Facebook Page

Roosevelt Institute

In 2004, students from Stanford and Yale began the Roosevelt Institute, the nation’s first student-run think tank. The Roosevelt Institute now has chapters at Universities across the country. UC Davis is the newest addition to the R.I. family, offering Davis students a new entrance into public policy debate.


Shifa Community Clinic

Shifa Clinic is a non-profit, student-run medical facility dedicated to serving the diverse, medically uninsured population of the greater Sacramento area. Every Sunday, the clinic provides basic as well as specialized medical services free of charge to patients of many ethnicities and backgrounds. In addition, as a teaching center for medical students and undergraduate volunteers, Shifa Clinic takes an active role in shaping the physicians of the future. Clinic operation is a collaborative effort between undergraduates performing administrative duties, medical students interviewing patients and performing physical exams, and volunteer physicians recommending appropriate treatments regimens and teaching students basic clinical skills.


Sikh Cultural Association

The Sikh Cultural Association at the University of California is a student organization, whose main purpose is to represent the Sikh community at the UCD campus and also to familiarize the non-Sikh persons to the Sikh faith and its basic belief system.

 UC Davis Sikh Cultural Association Facebook Page

Students for Justice in Palestine

Students for Justice in Palestine is a student organization that promotes cultural, social, educational, political and geographical understandings of the state of Palestine

 Students for Justice in Palestine Facebook Page


Students Organizing for Change

(SOC) is a UCD student group dedicated to promoting social and economic justice within their local community and abroad. Their focus is to organize the student body to build support for labor campaigns that are taken on, and garnering solidarity with a wide variety of community and student groups.


Sunatya at UC Davis

Sunatya is a Bharatanatyam competitive dance team that started in Fall 2013. This form of classical Indian dance has brought together many student dancers among the UC Davis community and the team has been performing at many venues including the International Festival, the Indian Student Association Annual Culture Show, and other smaller performances. Sunatya will be hosting Dheem Tana 2014, which will the first west coast intercollegiate showcase of Indian classical dance. 

Sunatya Facebook Page


Turkish Student Association

Our goal, as TSA at UC Davis, is to form a closer bond between students/staff here at UC Davis, present/promote the Turkish culture, art, and history to the American People as well the diverse population of the United States, and guide the new Turkish students and staff arriving at Davis to make the transition a little smoother.

Turkish Student Association Facebook Page

Visions at UC Davis


Visions at UC Davis supports educational initiatives for disadvantaged youth. Our focus this year is on displaced communities in Sri Lanka, following their nearly 30 year catastrophic civil war. Visions leadership programs have been running since 2003, in which approximately 100 international and local volunteers have helped to directly train 1,270 youth and teachers. In addition to working with students, Visions also supports teacher trainings, youth scholarships, and local NGO development that is designed to enable communities affected by conflict or poverty to become self-sufficient and capable of participating as leaders in today’s society.

 Visions at UC Davis  Facebook Page




Al-Wasilah is an Islamic publication that prints once every quarter. Our goal is to make the campus more aware of Islamic issues and to broaden the awareness of Islam on campus for both Muslims and non-Muslims.

AWAAZ: A South Asian American Publication

Awaaz (voice) is a South Asian Magazine that is published twice a year. We aim to provide an outlet for the voices of students on campus, whether to raise political awareness, share artwork, a short story or poem, or anything else you've been working on.

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