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Winter 2009


For a printable list that includes CRNs, sections, classrooms, and times, click here (PDF)


Class Instructor
 ARB 2  Elementary Arabic 2    Shayma Hassouna
 ARB 22  Intermediate Arabic 22   Shayma Hassouna
 COM 53C Literature of the Islamic World  Jocelyn Sharlet
 COM 145 Representations of the City  Jocelyn Sharlet
 HEB 2 Elementary Hebrew 2  Alon Raab
 HEB 22 Intermediate Modern Hebrew 22  Alon Raab
 HIN 2 Elementary Hindi/Urdu 2  Niranjan Kumar
 HIN 22 Intermediate Hindi/Urdu 22  Niranjan Kumar
 HIS 8 Indian Civilization  Sudipta Sen
 HIS 115F North and Northeast Africa  Susan Miller
 HIS 196B India  Sudipta Sen
 MSA 98 Special Study   The Staff
 MSA 100 Comparative Perspectives The Staff
 MSA 192 Internship   The Staff
 MSA 198 Directed Group Study   The Staff
 MSA 199 Special Study for Advanced Undergraduates   The Staff
 MUS 148 Hindustani Vocal Ensemble  Rita Sahai
 POL 136 Arab-Israeli Conflict Zeev Maoz
 RST 23 Introduction to Judaism
The Staff
 RST 130 Special Topics in Religious Studies, Dance, Religion & Cultural Identity in India and the Diaspora The Staff
 RST 161 Modern Islam
Flagg Miller 
 RST 170 Buddhism
Whalen Lai



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