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Fall 2008


For a printable list that includes CRNs, sections, classrooms, and times, click here (PDF)


Class Instructor
ARB 1 Elementary Arabic 1  Shayma Hassouna
ARB 21 Intermediate Arabic 21
Shayma Hassouna
ASA 150F South Asian American History, Culture, and Politics  Sunaina Maira
CLA 198 Advanced Arabic Group Study (3–4 units)   The Staff
HEB 1 Elementary Hebrew  Alon Raab
HEB 21 Intermediate Modern Hebrew  Alon Raab
HIN 1 Elementary Hindi/Urdu 1  N. Kumar
HIN 21 Intermediate Hindi/Urdu 21
N. Kumar
HIS 190C Middle Eastern History III: The Ottomans, 1401-1730
Baki Tezcan
MSA 99 Special Study   The Staff
MSA 192 Internship   The Staff
MSA 198 Directed Group Study   The Staff
MSA 199 Special Study for Advanced Undergraduates   The Staff
MUS 129B Musics of Africa, Middle East, Indian Subcontinent  Sandra Graham
MUS 148 Hindustani Vocal Ensemble  Rita Sahai
POL 135 International Politics of the Middle East  Zeev Maoz
RST 3E Fundamentalism
Keith Watenpaugh 
RST 21 Hebrew Scriptures
Wendy Terry
RST 40 New Testament
Catherine Chin
RST 60 Introduction to Islam  The Staff
RST 131 Genocide
Keith Watenpaugh


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