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FALL 2006

ARB 001 Elementary Arabic 1 Shayma Hassouna
HIN 001 Elementary Hindi/Urdu 1 Christopher Plummer
AHI 001E Islamic Art: Gender, Space, and Architecture Heghnar Watenpaugh
HIS 6 Introduction to the Middle East Omnia El Shakry
HIS 110 Themes in World History: Colonialism and the Making of the Modern World Omnia El Shakry



ARB 002-001 Elementary Arabic 2 Shayma Hassouna
ARB 002-002 Elementary Arabic 2 Munira Al Shehhi
HIN 001 Elementary Hindi/Urdu 1 (2 sections) Abir Bazaz
MSA 100 Comparative Perspectives Baki Tezcan
ANT 142 Peoples of the Middle East Linda Pitcher
COM 53C Literatures of the Islamic World (Classical Arabic, Persian, Turkish, and Urdu literatures in translation) Jocelyn Sharlet
COM 166 Literatures of the Modern Middle East (Modern Arabic, Persian, Turkish, and Hebrew literatures in translation) Jocelyn Sharlet
HIS 193B Modern Middle East , Since 1914 Omnia El Shakry
HIS 196A Medieval India Sudipta Sen
RST 60 Introduction to Islam Baki Tezcan
RST TBA Fundamentalism Keith Watenpaugh
RST TBA Genocide Keith Watenpaugh
WMS 178A Writers of the Arab World Suad Joseph



ARB 003 Elementary Arabic 1  
HIN 003 Elementary Hindi/Urdu 1 Abir Bazaz
AHI 155 The Islamic City Heghnar Watenpaugh
AHI 250 Graduate Seminar in Islamic Art History Heghnar Watenpaugh
ANT 145 Performance, Embodiment and Space in South Asia Smriti Srinivas
HIS 8 Indian Civilization Sudipta Sen
HIS 196B Modern India Sudipta Sen
HIS 201W Race and Color Across Time and Space: The Case of the Pre-modern Islamic World Baki Tezcan
RST 65C The Qur'an and its Interpretation Baki Tezcan
RST TBA The Question of Iraq Keith Watenpaugh
This is Sliced Diazo Plone Theme