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Country name:
Conventional long form: State of Israel
Conventional short form: Israel
Local long form: Medinat Yisra'el
Local short form: Yisra'el
Government type: parliamentary democracy
Capital: Jerusalem
time difference: UTC+2 (7 hours ahead of Washington, DC during Standard Time)
Independence:  14 May 1948 (from League of Nations mandate under British administration)
Total: 20,770 sq kmIsrael
Land: 20,330 sq km
Water: 440 sq km
Climate: temperate; hot and dry in southern and eastern desert areas
Terrain: Negev desert in the south; low coastal plain; central mountains; Jordan Rift Valley
Natural resources: timber, potash, copper ore, natural gas, phosphate rock, magnesium bromide, clays, sand
Population: 6,426,679
note: includes about 187,000 Israeli settlers in the West Bank, about 20,000 in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, and fewer than 177,000 in East Jerusalem (July 2007 est.)
Population Growth Rate: 1.154% (2007 est.)
Age structure:
0-14 years: 31.8% (male 188,208,196/female 171,356,024)
15-64 years:  63.1% (male 366,977,821/female 346,034,565)
65 years and over: 5.1% (male 27,258,259/female 30,031,289) (2007 est.)
Median Age:
Total: 29.9 years
Male: 29.1 years
Female: 30.8 years (2007 est.)
Birth Rate: 17.71 births/1,000 population (2007 est.)
Death Rate: 6.17 deaths/1,000 population (2007 est.)
Religions: Jewish 76.4%, Muslim 16%, Arab Christians 1.7%, other Christian 0.4%,Druze 1.6%, unspecified 3.9% (2004)
Languages: Hebrew (official), Arabic used officially for Arab minority, English most commonly used foreign language
Definition: age 15 and over can read and write
Total population: 97.1%
Male: 98.5%
Female: 95.9% (2004 est.)
GDP (purchasing power parity): $166.3 billion (2006 est.)
GDP (official exchange rate): $140.3 billion (2006 est.)
GDP - per capita (PPP): $26,200 (2006 est.)
GDP - composition by sector:
Agriculture: 2.6%
Industry: 30.8%
Services: 66.6% (2006 est.)
Labor force: 2.6 million (2006 est.)
Labor force - by occupation:
agriculture, forestry, and fishing 1.8%, manufacturing 15.7%, construction 5.3%, wholesale and retail trade 12.9%, transport, storage, and communications 6.3%, finance and business 16.9%, personal and other services 11.5%, public services 28.6% (1996)
Unemployment rate: 8.3% (30 September 2006 est.)
Currency (code): new Israeli shekel (ILS); note - NIS is the currency abbreviation; ILS is the International Organization for Standardization
(ISO) code for the NIS

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