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This page contains Frequently Asked Questions that our peer advisers seem to encounter a lot. Please visit ME/SA Peer Advisor or Program Coordinator during office hours if this page does not answer your questions entirely.

FAQ List for ME/SA Majors and Minors

1.       Under what conditions can a class be waived or petitioned out of?

Students can waive language courses only after taking a standardized oral and written exam with a language instructor at UC Davis or take an equivalent exam at UC Berkeley.

Other courses can be petitioned per advisors permission.  (see the list on website)

2.       Are students who are already fluent in Hindi/Urdu, Arabic or Hebrew required to fulfill the ME/SA major language requirement?

If they pass a standardized written and oral exam at the appropriate department offering the language in question, then the requirement is usually waived.

3.       How many classes can overlap for multiple majors or minors?

 ME/SA follows the established guidelines of the College of Letters and Sciences that stipulate up to 4 units can be taken for overlap for a minor and 8 unites for major.

4.       Can students take core ME/SA courses, such as MSA 100 and MSA 180, for Pass/No Pass?

Students majoring in ME/SA have to take MSA 100 and MSA 180 for a letter grade only. While Letters and Sciences stipulates that students can take the courses as P/NP, we strongly suggest taking MSA 100 and MSA 180 for a letter grade.

5.       Who do I approach for honors thesis advising?

Contact the ME/SA Program Coordinator, well in advance of the year in which you plan to complete your Honors Thesis. We strongly suggest starting the process before the end of your junior year. The coordinator, along with faculty advisers, will direct students to the appropriate faculty.

6.      How do I know if I am applicable for an honors thesis in ME/SA?

 A 3.5 GPA or higher is required, unless permission is granted from the ME/SA director.

7.      What are the career opportunities with a ME/SA major/minor?

Students should consider the following factors:

          i.      options for graduate school (regional studies of ME/SA, or a joint program combining business with Middle-East    studies, for example),

          ii.      the importance of foreign language experience, which, if improved in graduate school, will help in applying for jobs that require direct interaction, such as NGO/diplomatic postings.

Students should also consider many potential options:

           i.      Students may pursue international development through NGOs, the Peace Corps, the State Department, journalism, banks and consulting firms.

           ii.      Peace Corps and UN internships in particular offer invaluable experience and help build a strong resume.

           iii.      Resources at UC Davis, such as the Internship Center, can help in finding jobs and internships abroad.

8.       How many units of study abroad can be counted?

         16 units

 9.       How many upper division/lower division units should I take?

          40 upper division units for the major, 20 for the minor.

1       How many units do majors take in languages?

         Majors need to take 2 years in one of the offered languages:  ARB 1,2,3,121,122,123, Hindi/Urdu 1,2,3,121,122,123 or Hebrew 1,2,3, 121,122,123   sequence is required.


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