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The Minor

The new Minor in India & South Asia Studies is housed in and supported by the Middle East/South Asia Studies Program at UCD.  ME/SA was founded in 2004 as an undergraduate Minor and became a Major in 2008 in response to the demands of UC Davis students and the urgent need to understand this important area of the world. A number of new courses were developed for the Minor in India & South Asia Studies, and others are planned.  Students in first and second- year level Hindi/Urdu instruction look forward to the possibility of third-year level classes being available with further funding.


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Catalogue Minor Description & Requirements

India & South Asia Studies                (20-24 Units Total)

Middle East/South Asia 100                                         4 Units
Middle East/South Asia 180                                         4 Units
Either HIS 196A or HIS 196B                                      4 Units
Either MSA 181B or MSA 182B                                    4 Units
Electives from Core Course list (below)                     4-8 Units


Core Course List
MSA 100. Middle East & South Asia: Comparative Perspectives
MSA 112. History of South Asian Islam
MSA 180. Topics in ME/SA Studies
MSA 181B. Topics in Regional ME/SA Studies:
      South Asia Studies
MSA 182.B. Undergraduate Proseminar in ME/SA Studies:
      South Asia Studies

ANT 145. Performance, Embodiment, and Space in S. Asia

ASA 150 F. South Asian American History, Culture, and Politics

COM 053B. Literature of India and Southeast Asia
COM 148. Mystical Literatures of South Asia and the Middle East
COM 156. The Ramayana

HIN 001. Elementary Hindi/Urdu I
HIN 002. Elementary Hindi/Urdu II
HIN 003. Elementary Hindi/Urdu III
HIN 021. Intermediate Hindi/Urdu I
HIN 022. Intermediate Hindi/Urdu II
HIN 023. Intermediate Hindi/Urdu III

HIS 008. History of Indian Civilization
HIS 102Q. Undergraduate Proseminar in History: India
HIS 196A. Medieval India
HIS 196B. Modern India

MUS 148. Hindustani Vocal Ensemble

RST 030. Topics in Religious Studies: Religions of South Asia
RST 068. Hinduism
RST 069. Introduction to Hindu Mythology
RST 156. Religion and the Performing Arts in India
RST 157. Hindu Women and Goddesses 


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