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Ali R. Chaudhary

Ali Chaudary


Ali is a Ph.D. candidate in sociology and currently a graduate researcher at the UC Davis IHFA Temporary Migration Cluster. His research interests lie at the intersection of international migration, political-economic socioogy and race/ethnicity with an emphasis on comparative reseach examining the South Asian diaspora and transnational processes. His M.A. thesis examined how Indian and Pakistani children of immigrants manage and negotiate pan-ethnic South Asian identities in the context of post-9/11 America. His doctoral dissertation research explores how state-policies, community characteristics and processes of stigmatization shape the composition and experiences of Paksitani non-profit organizations in London, Toronto and New York City. His dissertation research was funded with the help of a graduate dissertation grant awarded by the U.C. Center for New Racial Studies and the University of California's Dissertation-Year Fellowship. Ali is also working on a series of papers examining the identities and attitudes of Muslim Americans. His latest research is being published in the International Migration Review, the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies and theJournal for the Scientific Study of Religion. After completing is Ph.D. in June of 2015, Ali will begin a Marie Curie post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Oxford examining how international migration affects political change and governance in the Middle East and South Asia.



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