Vaidehi Ramanathan

Professor, Department of Linguistics/Director, ESL Program

Office: 209 Sproul Hall 
Telephone: 530-752-0191
Email: vramanathan (at) ucdavis(dot) edu

Languages: Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Sanskrit


  • PhD (University of Southern California)

I am a socio/applied linguist interested primarily in the sociopolitical aspects of language learning and teaching, especially as they pertain to English, vernacular languages, globalization, language policies, teacher education, pedagogies, and literacy practices. I am also interested in the languaging of "bodies" and "disabilities" (especially Alzheimer's disease and chronic ailments) and in the narrating and constructing of a "self" both through speech and writing. Most recently I have been involved in issues around personal and historical memories, especially in the scripting of nation-states and "citizenship."