Sudipta Sen

Professor, History

Office: 3228 Social Sciences & Humanities
Phone: (530) 752-3047 

Professor Sen did his MA in History from Calcutta University as well as an MA in Social Sciences from University of Chicago in 1988. He later got his PhD with Distinction from the University of Chicago in June 1994. 

Selected Publications:

  • "Ganges: The Many Pasts of an Indian River", New Haven: Yale University Press, Forthcoming 
  • “Liberal Empire and Illiberal Trade: The Political Economy of ‘Responsible Government’ 
  • in Early British India” in Kathleen Wilson edited 
  • The New Imperial History: Culture, Identity and Modernity, 1660-1836, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2004
  • "Colonial Aversions and Domestic Desires: Blood, Race, Sex and the Decline of Intimacy in Early British India" in Sanjay Srivastava ed. Sexual Sites
  • "Seminal Attitudes: Sexualities, Masculinities, and Culture in South Asia", Newberry Park, California: Sage Publications, 2004
  • "Distant Sovereignty: National Imperialism and the Origins of British-India", London: Routledge, 2002
  • "Empire of Free Trade: The East India Company and the Making of the Colonial Marketplace", Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1998

Courses Taught

  • MSA 100 - Comparative Perspectives
  • HIS 102Q- Gandhi Seminar
  • HIS 196B - Modern India
  • HIS 8 - Indian Civilization
  • HIS 196A - Medieval India

Lecture Videos

  • MSA 100 - April 27, 2010 - (246 MB, 68 min) - Click on the link to view or save the video. (Note: the audio volume is a little low. If you cannot play this video, try using VLC Media Player.)

Research Interests:

Law, Culture and Society :
Africa, Asia, & the Middle East: