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The Middle East/South Asia Studies Program is committed to helping its students find the right academic plan for them. If you're interested in majoring/minoring or getting more information on whether or not a class or internship is right for you, contact one of our staff members or stop by the office.


Mann Staff Image


ME/SA Studies Program Coodinator and Advisor

Email: gkmann@ucdavis.edu | Phone: 530-754-4926

Gurjit manages the program in Middle East and South Asia Studies and serves as the primary Academic Advisor.




ME/SA Studies Community and Outreach Coordinator

Email: gjvij@ucdavis.edu | Phone: 530-754-4927

Geet develops programming and services that support the Middle East/South Asia Studies' Academic community.

She serves as the secondary Academic Advisor for the program and facilitates student reach to internships and career development.

Omnia El Shakry

Associate Professor, Department of History 
and Spring Quarter Advisor

Office: 4209 Social Sciences & Humanities 
Phone: (530) 752 9980 
E-mail: oselshakry@ucdavis.edu

Office Hours :Tuesday & Thursday 10 a.m.– 11 a.m.

Sudipta Sen

Professor, History and Spring Quarter Advisor

Office: 3228 Social Sciences & Humanities
Phone: (530) 752-3047 
E-mail: ssen@ucdavis.edu