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Advisory Board

ME/SA  Advisory Board Members.

The Advisory Board of the Middle East/South Asia Studies Program represents community involvement in ME/SA.  The Advisory Board consists of leading members of the Davis/Sacramento community who are committed to the development of the ME/SA Program.  Appointed by the Director of ME/SA, they serve three-year renewable terms.  They advise the Director on building the ME/SA program, community issues, and participate in donor development.  They contribute to academic programs for student enrichment and scholarly engagement.  They are particularly committed to outreach and linking ME/SA with the greater Davis/Sacramento community. 

Javed Iqbal

Khalida Kareemi

Kais Menoufy

Masud Monfared

Tahereh Monfared

Javad Rahimian

Shirin Rahimian

Randy Yackzan

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