ARB:123 Advanced Arabic

CRN 62335, Spring 2017, Tuesday and Thursday 1:40-3, 107 Wellman






Spring 2017


In this course we will explore the literature, culture and society of Egypt and Palestine, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan by reading short stories in Arabic by major Arab writers. Readings will be short and emphasis will be on using vocabulary and grammar, and on analyzing the literary strategies and cultural context of each story through discussion in class. Each story will be accompanied by a vocabulary list, a grammar guide, and discussion questions. We will read writers such as Baha’ Tahir (Cairo), Zakaria Tamer (Damascus), Liana Badr (Jerusalem and Jericho), Majid Tubiya (Upper Egypt), Ghalib Halasa (Ma’in, Jordan), Hasan Dawud (Beirut), Salwa Bakr (Cairo), Layla Baalbaki (Southern Lebanon), Yusuf al-Qa’id (Buhyarah, Lower Egypt), and Edwar al-Kharrat (Alexandria). Students who have completed ARB 122, or have equivalent Arabic skills and the instructor’s permission are welcome.